9. October 2010

Hi there,

I`m starting this new blog, cause of a video of an inspiring talk by Scott Hanselman “Social Networking for Developers”! I am a Developer and feeling addressed, so here am I 😉

I must say, that I was into in this social things before. Since last year I`m on Twitter (follow me @cordellcp3) and once had a Blog when I was a student at university. But the whole blogging thing wasn`t handled right by me, but now a little more older and wiser and after watching this Video by Scott Hanselman, I have simply have to start over a blog to become, like he said, a better developer! 🙂

Btw. if you`re a Developer too, I recommend you a great podcast

(click on the pic)

which also slightly helped me to find an appropriate title for my blog, as you can imagine.

so long…


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