Windows Phone 7 Developer Roundup #1 for 10/29/2010

29. October 2010

This is the start of my (hopefully) weekly WP7 developer roudnup series which aggregates information of interest to Windows Phone 7 developers. I want to share every good article, link or video which I find helpful and/or worth reading…

I kick it off with a collection of great links for WP7 development, such as step-by-step or should I say day-by-day tutorials, tipps and tricks and helpful How-Tos!

31 days of Windows Phone 7[eng] (Jeff Blankenburg)
How to capture audio from your microphone in WP7[eng] (Derik Whittaker)
A Step-By-Step Guide To Building And Deploying A Windows Phone 7 Application To Marketplace[eng] (colonizer)
Windows Phone 7 – Das portable Tor zur Welt[ger] (Tom Wendel)
WP7 Development Tips[eng] (Kevin Marshall)
Windows Phone 7 PDC Sessions (Ken Jones)


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