How to gather the MAC-Address of your Windows Phone 7?

30. October 2010

If you`re using your WP7 within a WLAN like me ( is there anyone who doesn`t? 🙂 ) and think about security, you might want to add your WP7 to the MAC-Address filter in your router configuration. What first comes to mind is, where the heck am I able to find the MAC-Address of my Phone?? There is no info the phone settings or anywhere else.

So here`s the solution for that!

  • connect your phone to your WLAN
  • open up a browser and navigate to your routers configuration site (e.g.
  • search for a tab or menupoint called status or logs
  • click on “network clients” or similar

After this steps, you should see something like this

In the above screeshot you see my actual network clients connect to my WLAN. One is my laptop and the other one should be my Windows Phone 7. To check this, just open up the command prompt and use ipconfig /all to look up the MAC-Address of the machine. So you know that the other MAC-Address in the router config is the WP7!

Est voila 🙂 now you`re able to add your WP7 device to your MAC-Address filter.


3 Responses to “How to gather the MAC-Address of your Windows Phone 7?”

  1. Rainer said

    it shows only the own MAC Adress and not the MAC Adress of the device


    • cordellcp3 said

      Hi Rainer,

      you have to read carefully! The ipconfig /all command only lists the mac-address of your PC in the WLAN, that is why you need to open up the Router configuration to see which Clients are registered. You know your own (through ipconfig) so you can easily decide that the other one is of your WP7 device.

      Makes sense?


      Hi Rainer,

      mit ipconfig /all siehst du natürlich nur die eigene MAC-Adresse von deinem PC. Deshalb muss man auch noch die Router-Konfiguration öffnen und dort schauen, welche Clients sich mit welcher MAC-Adresse angemeldet haben. In meinem Beispiel sind 2 Clients drin. Den einen weiß ich, das ist mein PC, weil ich per ipconfig ja weiß wie MAC-Adress ist und das andere Device muss mein WP7 sein, da ich sonst nichts im WLAN betreibe.

      Jetzt verstanden?


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