Windows Phone 7 Developer Roundup #2 for 11/05/2010

5. November 2010

Here it is, the second WP7 Developer Roundup which aggregates information of interest to Windows Phone 7 developers. I want to share every good article, link or video which I come across over the week…

Improving Windows Phone 7 Application Performance [eng] (David Anson)

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit – Nov 2010 [eng] (CodePlex)

WP7 Serialization Comparison [eng] (Kevon Marshall)

How I made the ‘myChannel9′ wp7 app (source code included) – Part 1 [eng] (Sigurd Snorteland)

Sterling Isolated Storage Database with LINQ for Windows Phone 7 [eng] (CodePlex)

Windows Phone 7 Fundamentals [ger] (Sascha Wolter)


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