Windows Phone 7 Developer Roundup #4 for 11/25/2010

25. November 2010

Here it is, the new WP7 Developer roundup for 11/25/2010! This time I provide more links then ever 🙂

Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki

Windows Phone 7 Development for absolute beginners (channel9)

Is my XNA Game dead yet?! (Dark Genesis)

There and back again “A tombstoning Tale” – The returning of an Application (Dark Genesis)

My Photo App – sample project (Jeff Wilcox)

The taming of the phone [new SetterValueBindingHelper] (Delay)

Windows Phone 7 with Expression Blend (Chris Koenig)

Use concurrent programming techniques (Silveright Hack)

Use ShellTileSchedule to easily update your live-tiles (Kevin D. Holes)

How to: Encode a JPEG for Windows Phone and Save to Pictures Library (MSDN)

Windows Phone 7 Line of Business App dev: Network awareness (Rob Tiffany)


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