Who am I?

My name is Ben, living near Bad Hersfeld, Germany and I`m a Software-Developer…

I`ve been into computers since the late 1980s, when my parents gave me a Commodore 64 to Christmas in 1987 and I`m still using it! 🙂 Fairly short after that, I wrote my first program in BASIC with the help of my father. This was the turning point which inspired me and made me love computers and technology in general!

I graduated 2001 from school with the Abitur and had an apprenticeship as an IT-Administrator for a big company in the automotive industry. Shortly after that I studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda, which was a really great time.

After my studies I worked for a SAP Consulting company in Kassel, Germany, most of the time writing ABAP code for a big inhouse project. I`ve learned a lot and wrote my thesis there entitled “Test-Driven Development as a programming- and design discipline to optimize the software development process“! The time there was nice, but it wasn`t the right thing for me, didn`t like ABAP and I`m more into object-oriented development and I`m quite comfortable in the Microsoft world and started transitioning  the biggest part of my development efforts to .NET! ( C# FTW 🙂 )

I currently work for a Retail Solutions Software-Company since June 2010. My company gives me the opportunity to be part of challenging and interesting projects and is helping to advance my expertise on a daily basis.

During my sparetime I like sports, doing workout three times a week, love to go to the movies, spending time with family and friends and checking out the newest technology 😉


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Adam said

    Hallo Benjamin,

    hab die Seite durch einen Zufall gefunden. Nämlcih auf dem Forum von WP7Dev.
    Schöne Seite.

    Bin jetzt auch dabei ein WP7-App online zu stellen.
    Bin gerade in der Test-Phase.

    So bis denne.


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